Old fudge sandwich cookies from keebler (NOT "e.l. fudge")?
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    I'm guessing that you set something in your acct to "private" without noticing/remembering.

    quickfix: Upload it to imgur.com, no signup needed.
  • My Flickr acct. has been hosed since they changed to the new look. I've scoured all my settings and they seem to be set right, but there must be some hidden box I didn't check or something. Anyway, lets try this....
  • DrahkenDrahken
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    Yep, those seem to be the same cookies (except for the flavor, obviously).

    I don't use flickr, so I know nothing about any updates/new looks/etc. I discovered imgur a while back, through it's use in some articles here at retroist & have found it to be a good site.
  • Yeah, there was a Fudge flavor too, same package design as this. I'll see if I can dig up an ad for the Fudge flavor.
  • The RetroistThe Retroist
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    Has anyone tried these Dare Cookies? I spotted them the other day and almost picked them up to test them out. Just wanted to see if anyone had tried them first:

  • DrahkenDrahken
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    Nope, haven't seen any around here.
  • The RetroistThe Retroist
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    I just saw that Blinddog had mentioned them earlier. I will take one for the team and pick them up and see if they are any good. Eating cookies for the greater good!
  • I want these cookies back now'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Wow this has to be the most elusive cookies ever.
  • Drahken ,
    They were simply called Chocolate fudge sandwich cookies Or Chocolate fudge cookies. They had the shape similar to the picture you posted back in february The center had a square the cookie had lines simlar to your picture but I recall there were 4 half circles about the same size as the center square. They were about halfway to 3/4 the way down the stripe. They came in a white package with red lettering and trim and it had a picture of the actual cookie on the package. And the Keebler logo but no Elves as they were before the advent of the Keebler Elves. They go back atleast as far as 1967 because I remember them being a treat at my grandmothers as a young child. Since they have been discontinued the Chocolate Creame cookies made by Dare are the closest thing I have found to that cookie in terms of acurately duplicating the taste and texture of the Keebler Original. They were the best cookie ever in my opinion.
  • The RetroistThe Retroist
    Administrator, SUPPORTER 2013
    I picked up those cookies by Dare. I cannot say I remember what the Keebler were like, but these are pretty good cookies. If the Keebler were better, it is a real loss to the cookie world.
  • I was a salesman for Keebler in 1978 and 1979. It was fun. The facings on our sandwich shelf one from the bottom) was Chocolate Fudge, FrenchVanilla Cremes, Elfwich (discontinued after 6 months), Iced Raisin and Windmill. Next to those were CC Biggs, Coconut Chocolate Chip, Rich and Chips, and Pecan Sandies. On the shelf above was Deluxe Grahams, Fudge Stripes, Fudge Sticks, and Devilsfood. Iced Animals, Ginger Snaps, Italian Wedding, and Vanilla Wafers. The bottom shelf was Zesta, Club, Tuc, and Town House. Our snack aisle was no match with National Biscuit. Pizza Shindigs, Onion Shindigs, Sesame Toasts, Wheat toasts, and Cheddars.
  • There is no doubt you are referring to Keebler Chocolate Fudge. It was a rich dark chocolate and a very full bodied cookie. People are mistaken EL Fudge having the same chocolate middles. Sadly, sales dipped as more and more emphasis was put on our fudge line. We just couldn't justify shelf space vs. Oreo's and doubled or tripled our Rich and Chips shelf space which was superior to Chips Ahoy.
  • I forgot about the Lemon Cremes that fit between the Vanilla and Chocolate Fudge
  • The RetroistThe Retroist
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    Thanks for the insight as to why they went away hreader. It seems like the Keebler Chocolate Fudge may have been a superior cookie. Was Oreo just a powerhouse in the sandwich cookie world?
  • DrahkenDrahken
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    The choco fudge ones went out went the whole e.l. fudge line became big, despite the fact that the e. l. fudge cookies were nowhere near as good as the original fudge ones. Keebler should have kept the original & dumped the e.l. fudge ones instead.

    Speaking of keebler screwing up, fudge stripe......
    Fudge stripe have always been one of my favorite cookies, but recently they "new & improved" (a phrase which always fills me with dread) them, making them about double the thickness. While the package claims "same great taste", that's a straight-up lie. The "new & improved" ones taste like the cheapo brand ones now. Keebler has successfully destroyed a second of my favorite cookies of all time.

    Speaking of chips ahoy, those have always been my favorite chocolate chip cookies. It cracked me up a few weeks ago when I got a pack of the keebler chips deluxe cookies and the pack said "tastes better than chips ahoy* (*to those with a preference)". Considering the fact that I myself DO have a preference & prefer chips ahoy, that statement is patently false, I'm honestly surprised that they legally got away with it.
  • I can't remember the name either, but evertime I am in the cookie aisle I still look and hope. Best store bought cookie ever. Put a cookie in your mouth, a big gulp of cold milk and the cookie would melt in your mouth. They do go back to the 70's , in my party days when I got the munchies I ate a whole bag in one setting a few times. Miss them !
  • I remember them very well. The closest I've been able to come to them was Mother's Sandwich Cookies which were sold out west. I was able to mail order them and they tasted very similar to the old Keebler Double Fudge Sandwich Cookies. I too still look for them every time I'm in the cookie aisle.
  • I found them on social grocery.com
    These were my dad's favorite cookies!
    Many childhood memories involved with these...bonding with my daddy over milk and cookies at night before bed.
  • New here....I've been looking for these cookies for a while. I cannot remember if they were by Keebler originally or not, but I do know they were sold in stores as far back as the early 60's. They were a favorite for sure! Any leads on where to purchase would be greatly appreciated!
  • I actually ate these cookies all the way back in the sixties. The packaging then was white with a lot of red lettering. At some point in the seventies the package was changed to the blue packaging. I went through a one week period during the packaging change when I couldn't find them. I almost started going through withdrawal till I found them in the new package! Then, in the eighties, they tried to make a 'lite' cookie out of it. That changed the taste of it at that point. It was good, just not as good as the original version. plaidman76, you are absolutely correct in how it looks in this ad! I've been trying to find even an image of it for reference and this is the only thing I've seen.
  • I believe they were called "Chocolate Penquin Cookies". If I remember right, they were about the most expensive cookies in the store. We didn't have them as often as I would have liked.
  • Chocolate Fudge...
  • I use to love these cookies they would come in a light blue package and they sold them at Giant Eagle on the west side of Youngstown off of Canfield rd. Are there any places that sell the classic cookies like this? I would love the chocolate cream. Thanks for the memory's

    80's kid.
  • SigMarcSigMarc
    I remember this cookie very well and very fondly. They were a regular part of my Saturday mornings as a kid because I used to crumble them up on my Frosted Flakes (No sugar buzz there!) I think the were called "Keebler Fudge Sandwich Cookies". They made a vanilla version as well. They were discontinued sometime in the 1990s. I have searched for a similar cookie for years and I have finally found it. If you have Kroger stores where you live, the Kroger brand chocolate sandwich cookie is almost an exact duplicate, right down to the lighter brown color of the cookie and the non-brittle, but not chewy consistency. OH HAPPY DAY for me. I'll be stopping by Kroger tonight to pick some up, along with some real Kellogs Frosted Flakes.

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